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On line selling
On line selling is ruled by the Legislative Decree of  6th of  September 2005 no. 206 and by the Legislative Decree of 9th  of April 2003 no. 70.

Right of withdrawal
Pursuant to the section no. 64 et seq of D. Lgs. 206/2005, (Code of the consumption), if the customer is a consumer, (ie an individual who buys the goods for purposes not related to its professional work or does not indicate in the purchase order form to Bottega Verde a reference to VAT) has the right to withdraw from the contract purchase for any reason, and without giving any explanation, the conditions Below. To exercise this right, the customer will send by registered letter AR a communication to that effect, within 10 working days from the receipt of the goods. The notification of withdrawal can be sent within the same period including by telegram, telex, electronic mail and fax, provided that is confirmed by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt No later than 48 hours later. The communication must, be addressed to:

Bottega Verde S.r.l. - Registered offices Palazzo Massaini, 53026 PIENZA (SI)

The goods must then be returned to care and expenditure reviews within 30 days from the date of delivery of the goods (instead of within 10 days under the Consumer Code). Bottega Verde will refund the amount paid for the purchase of goods returned by sending a check non-transferable within 15 days from receipt of goods are not damaged or in the case of payment by credit card, the transfer of charge and in any event within 30 days of Bottega Verde became aware of the withdrawal. The right of withdrawal is attributed only to score the consumer, that is an individual who purchases goods for purposes not related to its work; profession, or fails to make the purchase by indicating in the order form VAT. In case of restitution of goods, the gifts received with the order Remain to the Customer.

Super money back guarantee
A total guarantee of customer “ Bottega Verde” undertakes to replace any product in the package and not as described, damaged, from different color or wrong or, in any case, to pay the amount on simple request of the customer.Is enough for the Client returns the goods within 30 days of receipt. “ The Super Guarantee satisfied or refunded” is extended by “Bottega Verde” As the deadlines: indeed, it can be exercised within 30 days compared to 10 normally provided for distance sales. In any case, the gifts received with the order remain to the customer. Unless the replacement of the damaged goods or not in accordance with an order, the cost of returning the goods is charged to the customer.
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The articles are covered by a warranty that lasts 2 years (two), pursuant art. 128 et seq of the Code of consumption.

Companies associated to ANVED (National Association Sale Distance) are formally committed to the principles in defense of the consumer according to a professional moral code.

Methods of payment
The goods are payied by cash (pay upon receipt of goods) or by credit card (except VISA ELECTRON you can use only for purchases at shops). Professionals who want the bill are asked to request at the time of communicate The VAT. The legislative changes concerning increases or decreases in VAT or other taxes on the sale, after printing will lead to adjustment on the invoice.

Shipment expenses
The prices shown are the ones for which the customer has got to pay with the addition of a fixed contribution for each order. The goods are returned free on board and the shipment expenses, which are paid in advance by the customer, are included in the total sum.
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Transparency prices
Bottega Verde adopt transparency prices, in fact in every tab
product on the website shows the list price
and any promotional discount applies. While spending on-line, inserting
cosmetics in the cart is counted a total cost which includes
retail prices of individual products and any contributions for shipping.

On the website there are all the products Bottega Verde, with prices updated, on the Internet campaign underway. Tenders and tributes on the site may not coincide with those of the catalogues and shops. The Internet offers may vary from one day to the next, by following updating promotional campaign.

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